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Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Rug Painting: Part 1

So call me crazy! I am an avid project starter...what can I say.  At least my dining chairs are finished :)

And my slipcovered chairs will be too - it will just take some time! Here is a sneak peek into my little, cozy home...
But back to the rugs...I have become inspired by all of this hand-painted wallpaper & rug business, so I decided to load up and hit the Home Depot.  The pictures below have really inspired me...

This is from . She is a marvel!

And this one from even has a cut out stencil at the bottom of the post!

So instead of going out and buying a new rug to paint, I opted for the IKEA hand-me-downs my mom gave me last month.  They are forever stained & cheap - so why not?!

Yep - Gross...

Hessum from IKEA
1. Gallon of White High-Gloss Interior Latex
2. Quart of Color
3. Angled Paint Brushes
4. Rollers & Roller Brush
5. Drop Cloth
6. Painters Tape
7. Quart of Clear Sealer for the top (for water based paints)
So I began painting my rug all white by hand, kind of like this. Please listen to her and not me when I say that it is greatly beneficial to use a roller brush.  It took me almost 2 hours to paint half of my rug with a paintbrush & it does not look near as good as her's.  Pictures to come & for STEP TWO click here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Slipcover Pattern: Part 1

Oh my word I have not blogged in awhile! Good news is we have started on the "ugly chairs" - and this happened over a month ago :) Nothing like having wine night with your mom and getting down to business on some slip covers! But my advice is not too much wine or your projects might flop...unless of course you work better with a little bit of tanins in your blood - I know I do!
I will admit, I have felt defeated by these suckers lately & have started to postpone, but don't let that happen to you. Roll with the punches on this one! So after realizing I cannot wrap my mind around the perfect way to tackling this feat, I dove in...head first...
So here is where we started...
TOOLS INVOLVED: Seam Ripper, Scissors, Permanent Marker
STEP #1:
Start by removing the fabric from the seat cushions & back cushions. Luckily for me these chairs had been slipcovered twice before, so we had options on which covers we would use for a pattern. Now, my 2 club chairs are slightly different so we named them Chair #1 & Chair #2 (so clever, I know). You will notice I have already bought extra cushion fillers just in case. They are rather pricey, so make sure you absolutely need them before you buy them.

STEP #2:
Begin by tearing the threads out of the seams. If your slipcover pattern has piping and/or zippers, you will need to rip that out as well. REMEMBER to mentally take note of what you are removing while you are removing it. This is very important for the next step...

STEP #3:
LABEL EVERYTHING! Since this is our first time making chair slipcovers, I figured it would not hurt to be very detailed in exactly what each little is and where it belongs. I have adopted the philosophy of, "When in doubt - label!" Be sure to label as you go. We took lots of pictures as well to help us remember exactly what the chairs look like when they are completed. Also, go ahead and group your pieces together. Just like the picture below: Pattern, piping & pattern covering piping. Stay organized!

STEP #4:
This is what it all looked like when everything was said and done for the cushions. Since there are 4 different cushions (2 per chair), we grouped them by chair, then from top to bottom. We are saving the piping to recover as well - it's still good! And yes, that is the thread we ripped out of the seams...and yes, we are being thrifty here, but throw that thread away!

For SLIPCOVER PART 2, click here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Finish Line - For One...

I stopped by RichTex Fabrics today after work - again - and found some great fabric for the seat cushions! It was in the sale section marked %50 off for 2.5 yards at $16.95/yard. The nice young boy working there offered to roll it out to make sure the yardage was correctly marked...It did have minor flaws here and there but PERFECT for this project. It actually measured out to 3.25 yards...and he only charged me for 2.5!!!! What a sweet guy!!! Seriously - guys out there...I doubt you're reading this, but if you are, here is a good lesson to remember :) So the total fabric cost was $23!! What a steal!!

So here we have it...Before & After...Now? Only 5 more chairs to go!

(Sorry for the poor photo quality - the kitchen is the only room in my cottage with installed lighting!)

Home is where the chairs are?

Yes - There are more chairs. I decided to put the club chairs on hold until I can convince my mother to help me with the sewing (oh and love you mom!)...So I moved on to these dining chairs since my brain has been consumed with home projects.

I roughed up the chairs with some smoothing sand paper (3 sheets per pack at Home Depot). Then started my first coat with Behr Seal Gray in a hi-gloss...It needed 2 coats, but this is almost finished outcome. The "ta-da" moment will have to come tonight/tomorrow when I can put the seat back on.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Am I going to regret this?

At lunch today, I went and bought new fabric...Without a doubt in my mind or a single hesitation, I bought an ivory cotton duck. Patting myself on the back for being so domestic and having the "do it yourself" attitude. Get the fabric cut, pay for it, load it. Then...on the way home...something terrible happened. Kristen said, "Brave move for you to pick white" - My thoughts immediately turned to Sloan coming in after golf, the dogs romping around with dirt in their paws, oblivious visitors who know nothing about keeping furniture clean...YIKES!

So now I might be doing a slip-cover...
The best fabrics to use on a piece of furniture you will be frequently using are durable, thick, but have the ability to "give" a little so you can get that clean look.

Ugly Chairs

After moving into my new cottage, I realized some nice, new furniture would really help to spiff up the place and add some necessary seating for visitors...who have yet to be invited :/...So after going on a rampage of searching retailers/wholesalers/eBay/Overstock is EXPENSIVE...So I managed to find these beauties on Craigslist...

Yes, they are actually slip-covered. Yes, someone went and picked out this material. The wood is structurally sound with no creaks or cracks...All it needs is some new fabric, foam & batting...I will be posting pictures through my process to let you know how it goes :)