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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your Slipcover Pattern: Part 1

Oh my word I have not blogged in awhile! Good news is we have started on the "ugly chairs" - and this happened over a month ago :) Nothing like having wine night with your mom and getting down to business on some slip covers! But my advice is not too much wine or your projects might flop...unless of course you work better with a little bit of tanins in your blood - I know I do!
I will admit, I have felt defeated by these suckers lately & have started to postpone, but don't let that happen to you. Roll with the punches on this one! So after realizing I cannot wrap my mind around the perfect way to tackling this feat, I dove in...head first...
So here is where we started...
TOOLS INVOLVED: Seam Ripper, Scissors, Permanent Marker
STEP #1:
Start by removing the fabric from the seat cushions & back cushions. Luckily for me these chairs had been slipcovered twice before, so we had options on which covers we would use for a pattern. Now, my 2 club chairs are slightly different so we named them Chair #1 & Chair #2 (so clever, I know). You will notice I have already bought extra cushion fillers just in case. They are rather pricey, so make sure you absolutely need them before you buy them.

STEP #2:
Begin by tearing the threads out of the seams. If your slipcover pattern has piping and/or zippers, you will need to rip that out as well. REMEMBER to mentally take note of what you are removing while you are removing it. This is very important for the next step...

STEP #3:
LABEL EVERYTHING! Since this is our first time making chair slipcovers, I figured it would not hurt to be very detailed in exactly what each little is and where it belongs. I have adopted the philosophy of, "When in doubt - label!" Be sure to label as you go. We took lots of pictures as well to help us remember exactly what the chairs look like when they are completed. Also, go ahead and group your pieces together. Just like the picture below: Pattern, piping & pattern covering piping. Stay organized!

STEP #4:
This is what it all looked like when everything was said and done for the cushions. Since there are 4 different cushions (2 per chair), we grouped them by chair, then from top to bottom. We are saving the piping to recover as well - it's still good! And yes, that is the thread we ripped out of the seams...and yes, we are being thrifty here, but throw that thread away!

For SLIPCOVER PART 2, click here.

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