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Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Rug Painting: Part 1

So call me crazy! I am an avid project starter...what can I say.  At least my dining chairs are finished :)

And my slipcovered chairs will be too - it will just take some time! Here is a sneak peek into my little, cozy home...
But back to the rugs...I have become inspired by all of this hand-painted wallpaper & rug business, so I decided to load up and hit the Home Depot.  The pictures below have really inspired me...

This is from . She is a marvel!

And this one from even has a cut out stencil at the bottom of the post!

So instead of going out and buying a new rug to paint, I opted for the IKEA hand-me-downs my mom gave me last month.  They are forever stained & cheap - so why not?!

Yep - Gross...

Hessum from IKEA
1. Gallon of White High-Gloss Interior Latex
2. Quart of Color
3. Angled Paint Brushes
4. Rollers & Roller Brush
5. Drop Cloth
6. Painters Tape
7. Quart of Clear Sealer for the top (for water based paints)
So I began painting my rug all white by hand, kind of like this. Please listen to her and not me when I say that it is greatly beneficial to use a roller brush.  It took me almost 2 hours to paint half of my rug with a paintbrush & it does not look near as good as her's.  Pictures to come & for STEP TWO click here.

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