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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Finish Line - For One...

I stopped by RichTex Fabrics today after work - again - and found some great fabric for the seat cushions! It was in the sale section marked %50 off for 2.5 yards at $16.95/yard. The nice young boy working there offered to roll it out to make sure the yardage was correctly marked...It did have minor flaws here and there but PERFECT for this project. It actually measured out to 3.25 yards...and he only charged me for 2.5!!!! What a sweet guy!!! Seriously - guys out there...I doubt you're reading this, but if you are, here is a good lesson to remember :) So the total fabric cost was $23!! What a steal!!

So here we have it...Before & After...Now? Only 5 more chairs to go!

(Sorry for the poor photo quality - the kitchen is the only room in my cottage with installed lighting!)

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