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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Am I going to regret this?

At lunch today, I went and bought new fabric...Without a doubt in my mind or a single hesitation, I bought an ivory cotton duck. Patting myself on the back for being so domestic and having the "do it yourself" attitude. Get the fabric cut, pay for it, load it. Then...on the way home...something terrible happened. Kristen said, "Brave move for you to pick white" - My thoughts immediately turned to Sloan coming in after golf, the dogs romping around with dirt in their paws, oblivious visitors who know nothing about keeping furniture clean...YIKES!

So now I might be doing a slip-cover...
The best fabrics to use on a piece of furniture you will be frequently using are durable, thick, but have the ability to "give" a little so you can get that clean look.


  1. I LOVE my white sofa....but truth be told it lives under 2 quilts and I obsess over getting it dirty. I ordered a slip cover...white of course. But Be Brave!! Its gonna look great!!

  2. Sorry! I didnt mean to freak you out. I think its going to look great and screw the slipcovers! You should stick with your plan!